Virtual Trivia will return
Friday, June 12th

Rules and Junk

You will need to have 2 windows/tabs open on your computer to play. One is for the Virtual Trivia Room where you will see and hear all the questions, and the other is for turning in the answers here on You can watch on your phone or mobile device, but I think the submitting part would be far easier on a computer.

DO NOT GOOGLE/BING/SIRI/ALEXA/JEEVES these questions. That would be something that a Houston Astro would do, and nobody wants to be like them. The only way this works is if we can all trust that everyone is playing fairly.

Do not type answers in the virtual trivia room chat, even (or especially?) wrong ones.

You can have up to 6 people on your team. You can communicate on your own group chat in some way to confer over answers. Choose one person to turn in your official answer sheets here.

Please be sure to type your team name exactly the same for each round.