The New Full Sass

Thank you so much for visiting the new and improved! We're really excited about this new site and all the cool things we'll be doing this year. You never know exactly what will come next - a breakdown of the NBA draft, a book review, a dirty poem, and that's just Bobby Mickey we're talking about. Just in our first two weeks we'll bring you great college football analysis, a couple of history lessons, and a personal essay from an award-winning novelist.

We're lucky to have so many great people willing to contribute to make this a great site for you to check-in with and see some damn good content.

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So what does it mean to "go full sass"? We asked the full sassers and contributors to help us out.

Bobby Mickey: All in. All hands on deck! "cojones a la pared"

Craig Stein: It's when you're going to make a sandwich, and instead of just slapping some meat and mayo on there, you take the time to cut some avocado and tomato, fry up some bacon, grill some onion, make a horseradish spread, and toast the bread. That's #fullsass

Sam Reichert (season 1 guest): Going

Rusty Nye (aka Hans Guten): Full sass is a state of mind that means when you hear someone scream 'Volloccer NOW!" you give it everything you got, 115% until that last chale point hits the basket. Full sass is about never quitting, even if you have a broken finger or underwear full of poop, if you live a life of full sass, you play for keeps! And that's why full sass is, sick.. to... the... bone!!

Brennan Reynolds (Season 1 Mavs Cast Guest): To me it means even if you are too fat to ride the zip line you do it anyways and be prepared to accept the consequences scars and all.

Phillip Martin: Throw elbows b/c you're right and they're a schmuck and you just don't give a fuck.

Mike Sinclair: Like its the last day alive. No regard for your own health or others. Like you get paid for it.

Collin Lessing: To me it means we're playing for keeps, almost like prison rules. We're gonna play so hard you could possibly hurt a finger--and what makes the DECLARATION of "full sass" so powerful is that all parties must be amenable to those terms. If you're not, you can always request to kick it down to 3/4 sass or even half sass. But if you're asking for half sass, you're probably a chompertes lover and shouldn't even be here.

Chris Delgado: Adding bacon to the guisada with cheese.

Dan Peterson: It's almost like the opposite of going half sass. I think that's the official definition, but I did zero research and don't remember the question.

Jim Swindell: Roughly translating to "con ganas" in Spanish, full sass is about leaving it all out there. Sometimes one person's full sass equates to another person's half sass but this really only applies to champurdies lovers. If you think you're witnessing a person going full sass, they probably are.

For further research on how to go "full sass" just check out Volloccer:

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