Post-Finals Update!

Bobby Mickey, Craig, and Louis break down what happened in the 2017 Finals. A late-night post-game-5 session meant for some silly analysis and hilarious detours.


Post-Game 2 Update!

Bobby Mickey and Craig call their lil NBA buddy Alex Knapp to break down how the Warriors have successfully dominated the Cavs through two games. Is it over? Is it different from last year? What will we see in Game 3 and beyond?


The Full Sass NBA Finals Special

The Full Sass Crew actually breaks down the matchup like a real basketball podcast, and still manages to make each other laugh hysterically dozens of times. We then step inside Mr. Stein's Interesting NBA Finals Tidbits Mathemagical Cafe, look back at our favorite finals moments, and get a bit petty amongst friends.

Searching for a Precedent for President Trump

Does US History provide any precedent for President Trump? In the spirit of the Bill Simmons v. Malcolm Gladwell long-winded e-mail conversations, Craig Stein and his cuñado Gus Victoria search their annals of history to find a parallel to President Donald J. Trump.

By: Craig Stein and Gus Victoria

Don Carter's Search for the Great White Stiff
Why Growing Up in Dallas Forced Me to be a Spurs Fan
By: Bobby Mickey

The Low(er) End Theory
A Tribe Called Quest is back with their best and most important album.
By: Bobby Mickey

It's You, Not Me: Why I Have to Break Up with SNL
By: Aimee Victoria

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