Full Sass Trivia at Batch!

We are very excited to start Full Sass Trivia at Batch Craft Beers and Kolaches the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month! Come out for delicious kolaches, an amazing beer selection, and two hours of fun, competitive, and silly trivia! Click for more details.

Full Sass Podcast: We Recorded Again!

We just HAD to get together after a few months on the shelf. We welcomed Alex Knapp in studioand discussed the comments from Trump about NFL and NBA athletes, Alex's trip to Austin, and Craig controversially power ranks Asian countries by food. Bobby Mickey joined us live from Sacra—freaking—mento.


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in case you missed it:

Searching for a Precedent for President Trump
By: Craig Stein and Gus Victoria

It's You, Not Me: Why I Have to Break Up with SNL
By: Aimee Victoria

Don Carter's Search for the Great White Stiff
Why Growing Up in Dallas Forced Me to be a Spurs Fan
By: Bobby Mickey

The Pro Wrestling Fan, A Most Misunderstood Species
By: Ryan Dilbert

In Defense of Casual Fandom
Rene S. Perez II

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